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The WaldbadPromenade in our hotel with sauna in South Tyrol

Experience pure nature

The connection to the BadehausSpa® is the WaldbadPromenade®, a journey to experience the forest and nature in a pure, sensory, and relaxed way at various stations.

Plenty of sunshine until late in the evening lies on this extraordinary nature trail, which first leads to the brine pavilion by the brook and to the wildly romantic brook sauna by the rushing waters of the mountain pastures. A small waterfall, a natural plunge pool, or a Kneipp walk in the stream will tempt you to cool off afterwards. The infrared gondola swings towards the edge of the forest with clear view of the imposing mountain peaks. The place of power, the sensory barefoot path, and the unique sweat cave towards the Dolomite vantage point form the wildly romantic, rustic conclusion of a unique excursion into pure nature.


Do not forget, dear guest, to attend the rustic shamanic ritual in the Sweat Lodge, which takes place once a week. You can be sure of experiencing another unique naturellness® experience at the Lüsnerhof!

Franz Hinteregger, host and hiking guide
Waldbad Ritual

Guided sauna journey, followed by floatation in the brine grotto


“Waldbaden describes a special visit to the forest – we completely immerse ourselves in the nature experience. All our senses are flooded with the impressions of the forest.”


The Waldbad Ritual starts with light sweating in the pine sauna of the Quarzit bath house. After the sauna session, we recommend rubbing your skin with a home-made pine hydrolate. Then we stroll in our bathrobes along the 4ElementeGarten to the campfire arena. There we light a fire to heat up the stones. The sauna journey continues to the Dolomite vantage point.

A careful and slow walk in the woods, with guidance for forest bathing, allows you to experience nature intensively through all your senses. On the way back to the sweat lodge, a herbal smoking ritual invites you to gently sweat. The Kneipp cure by the stream revives the senses. Weightlessly floating in the brine grotto (45 min., 35°C) has a positive effect on joints and tension and brings you into a state of complete relaxation as otherwise only possible with meditation and deep sleep.


Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Price: €39.00

Sweat Lodge Ritual

The Sweat Lodge Ritual, celebrated by the Guarani tribe in South Tyrol for 2,000 years, is considered to be the oldest form of sauna. Once per week we give you the opportunity to participate in this shamanic ritual in the sweat lodge at the end of the WaldbadPromenade.

You will stay for two hours in the sweat lodge made of clay, wood and stone, heated with hot stones. In between, the door gets opened and water is served for refreshment, while a fireman fills the room with new hot stones. The scent of different herbs on the hot stones, the heat, and the meditative ambience cleanse body and soul.


The entire process is accompanied by a shaman specifically trained for the Sweat Lodge Ritual. Each group develops its own cleansing ritual. Depending on your wishes, deep conversations, stories, prayers, silence, listening to the shaman's drum or the sounds of other instruments form the framework for a completely new experience.

One to three times a naturellness® infusion takes place in our sweat lodge. You can also use the sweat lodge outside of the infusions and rituals as a mild tepidarium (to slowly work up a sweat) or as a relaxation room.


The sweat lodge ritual takes place once a week between April and November.

Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours

Price: €29.00 per person

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