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The Hinteregger Family and their team

When I becomes we

People are the centre of attention at the Naturhotel Lüsnerhof. It is people that Mother Nature has endowed with special gifts; it is people that we want to serve. For our guests, for the family, for the employees and for all those involved, such as locals, suppliers and competitors, our nature hotel in South Tyrol should be a place of encounter and beneficial exchange. This is our daily aim; this is what we see as the purpose of our actions.

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The Hinteregger Family

The Hinteregger family practises hospitality with sensitivity, passion, and enthusiasm. Franz puts his heart and soul into being a host, hiking guide, trombone player, Qigong instructor, and president of the Lüsen Tourism Association. It hardly comes as a surprise that he is committed to the sustainable development of the Lüsen valley. His wife Maria takes care of the house, hotel, and herb garden with all her heart. Their three daughters Sofia, Franziska and Elisabeth, as well as their son David, are actively involved in the hotel and will carry the Naturellness®Pilosophy into the future.

Maria, the host

Traditional music at the Lüsnerhof

At the Naturhotel Lüsnerhof, music is so much more than just entertainment. It is a tradition that is passed from one generation to another. Franz always finds a reason to play his trombone, either accompanied by his daughter Sofia, a passionate harp player, or together with Hans and Michl, with whom he has been creating a cosy atmosphere at the Lüsnerhof for more than 35 years.

Our traditional music

Indispensable: our loyal employees

Where would our hotel be without its loyal, long-standing employees? It is only through their diligent and untiring work – in the kitchen, in the restaurant, in the rooms, at the reception, in the wellness area, around the house, and when hiking – that the Lüsnerhof becomes what makes all of us so happy: a nature hotel where people are the centre of attention. Without it, the Lüsnerhof could speak of naturellness®, but it would not be able to make it an experience. Therefore, we, the Hinteregger Family, would like to take this opportunity to thank all the diligent hands that help us day after day to celebrate alpine nature at the Lüsnerhof.

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