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Sofia's Wild Herb Buckwheat Gnocchi

Sofia and the kitchen. Once again, she was unstoppable...a new variation on the classic gnocchi was created on an unusually quiet Sunday afternoon. Our passionate amateur cook has enchanted us with this particularly tasty dish made with buckwheat flour and a Mediterranean twist. Try it for yourself!


Ingredients for 4 people

350 g potatoes-boiled and mashed

2 egg yolks

16 g melted butter

80 g flour (of which 35 g durum wheat semolina, 30 g wheat flour, 15 g buckwheat flour)

40 g buckwheat grains, dry, roasted

2 tbsp wild herb pesto (pesto made from basil, dandelion leaves, nettle)

Salt, ground pepper

Olive oil

20 g dried tomatoes

caper buds



Mix the potatoes with the egg yolk and butter together with a wooden spoon. Add the flour mixture and the roasted buckwheat grains with the wild herb pesto and quickly work into a potato dough. Then form 1.5 cm thick rolls and cut into pieces of the same length. Unroll the dumplings with the help of a fork and boil in salted water for 1-2 minutes until they float to the surface. Heat olive oil in a pan, then toss the gnocchi with the dried tomatoes and capers briefly in it.

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