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naturellness® - a cradle for the solo traveller

Withdraw, find yourself, draw new strength, be there for yourself and for a change. It is the sign of the times and the need of many people to step out of their daily obligations, their role and their milieu for a certain time, even just a short time. Others simply want to travel alone to meet new people or discover new landscapes and to gain new experiences. The naturelless® philosophy at the Lüsnerhof offers solo travellers on the one hand powerful retreats to gather and feel themselves to build up a lively contact with themselves, to meet themselves, to experience a rendezvous with themselves. On the other hand, the solo traveller finds new places, exciting rituals and joyful events to get in touch with other guests in an easy and natural way and to spend time with others in a pleasant atmosphere.

Retreats in and through nature

The different roles that we have to fulfil in everyday life can also be tiring: talking, planning, pursuing commitments, performing well, making and keeping appointments, being there for the family ..., the list can be enriched with many more items.

The Lüsnerhof offers a variety of opportunities to get out of this confinement and find time for oneself, to feel oneself again, to no longer have to function, but above all to discover nature anew and to recognise the true beauty and greatness of life through this discovery.



The forest bath promenade

... is a retreat of sensory experience: the ear listens to the language of nature, the rippling of the water, the melodies of the robins, the voices of the forest; the body feels the shapes of nature while walking barefoot, the body, mind and soul tingle and vibrate while dipping into the cold alpine spring water after the stream sauna, the eye grazes in the Dolomites, the scents of the forest activate well-being in the subconscious.

The solitude of the Lüsen Alp

It is quiet in Lüsen and on the Lüsen Alp. Untouched and secluded, the meadow carpets, grassy mountains and hills, and the coniferous woods brood against the backdrop of the Dolomites. You walk along in silence and tranquillity, alone but never lonely, as the gift of nature speaks to you sensitively and clearly, step by step. Especially also in winter, when snowshoeing, when you trudge through woods and across alpine meadows covered in deep snow, past feeding troughs for the game, sustained by the health of your own body.

The 4 elements in rooms and suites

In the wonderful rooms and suites, created from pure earth elements such as stone pine and larch wood and millions of years old dolomite rock, you can feel the power of nature, on the balconies you breathe pure fresh alpine air, in front of the fireplace you listen to the sizzling fire, while a glass of cool alpine spring water flows through your body like healing medicine. The soul feels the power of the 4 primal elements of earth, water, air and fire and releases new, powerful energies of peace and serenity and oneness with creation.

Spirituality in the naturellness®Spa

The naturellness®Spa consists of the LüsnerBadl, the BadehausSpa and the WaldbadPromenade; the SaunaPromenade runs through the 3 areas with 10 themed saunas. With an Salt sauna, a silver quartzit treatment, an outdoor massage, a cuddle corner in the bathhouses, wherever, the retreats in the naturellness®Spa are so varied, original and colourful and offer the best conditions to be completely with yourself. Host Franz holds the Qi Gong session, junior hosts Sofia and Elisabeth lead the yoga sessions, a shaman oversees the sweat lodge ritual in the WaldbadPromenade. In the naturellness®Spa of the Lüsnerhof, the door to the guest's soul is thrown wide open.

Social meeting places at the Lüsnerhof

The opportunities to get in touch with other people at the Lüsnerhof are just as varied. Staff and hosts at the Lüsnerhof have a sensitive eye for guests travelling alone, whether they prefer to seek tranquillity or enjoy conversation and acquaintance with other people.




Guided hikes all year round

Every day the Lüsnerhof takes its guests to the Luson Alp and to the Puez Geisler Nature Park. Excursions to the alpine pastures or to the peaks, hikes to discover the herbs, winter walks and snowshoe hikes, in all 4 seasons our guests are accompanied by hiking guides to discover the Dolomites and their surroundings. Walking, observing and marvelling, having a snack in the mountains or tasting a good grappa, hikers chat, joke and have fun.

Entertainment at the Lüsnerhof

At the Lüsnerhof it is a ritual to sit together after dinner, sip a glass of red wine, chat, joke being accompanied by traditional house music with harp and alphorn in a relaxed atmosphere, in summer in the garden, in winter in the warm and cosy lounges with open fireplace.








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