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Hiking and wellness hotel in South Tyrol

The hiking philosophy in our hotel in the Dolomites

Hiking in our hotel in the Dolomites encompasses experiences at all levels: climbing a peak and admiring the view, reaching a hut and enjoying a delicious meal, feeling boundless freedom on your way there, listening to birds and marmots, smelling arnica and alpine roses, meeting new people, doing good to your body and soul: the human being trains himself in endurance, energy, and fitness, he gets out of everyday life and in harmony with his body, and this in the middle of the picture-perfect hiking paradise of the Lüsner Alm, the Puez Geisler Nature Park, and the Dolomites.


Hiking also invites you to reflect on life and to recognise the truth: Ascending and descending, arriving, emerging, becoming and passing away, dry spells and immeasurable beauty. All these are experiences that we make in life and it becomes clear to us in what abundance life blossoms when duty and performance give way for deceleration and attentiveness to set in.

Hiking and wellness: Naturellness®

And after a hike filled with adventures and experiences, it’s time for your body to relax in the Naturellness®Spa: now a harmonious whole is created in body and soul, as the sauna session, the massage, or rose petal bath can be enjoyed all the more intensively after physical activity.

This is the hiking and wellness philosophy of Lüsnerhof, which finds its common denominator in the term “naturellness”.

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