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Sustainable tourism in the Alps

For our children and grandchildren

Sustainable tourism in the Alps and sustainability in general are not only a passion for us as hosts at the Lüsnerhof, but also our view of the world and our way of life.

Sustainability derives from the term “sustain”, which means “to support something or keep it going”. This is the principle that guides all daily activities in our hotel in the Dolomites. Recognition and understanding of the four alpine elements water, earth, fire, and air motivates us at the Lüsnerhof to work in nature, from nature, with nature, and through nature. We are committed to the preservation of the ecosystem, to the well-being of our guests and employees, for the present and the future. Our hotel was built to blend harmoniously into the alpine landscape and to add beauty to it.

Today we look from the stream of time in our hotel in the Dolomites at our grandchildren and great-grandchildren that live in the 22nd century: may our heirs find an intact nature, where gentians and alpine roses bloom and smell like today. In our thoughts and actions, space and time merge.


“Thank you for thinking of us” is what they will say.

Wood, water, and sun create wonderful warmth and energy. Millions of years old Dolomite rocks, clay, and local larch and Swiss stone pine were used to build the Lüsnerhof. We have removed stone and old wood from the centuries-old Gargitthof, the herb farm of the Ragginers dynasty of medical doctors, and harmoniously integrated it into the Lüsnerhof.

Franz Hinteregger, host and hiking guide

Thanks to our construction method with the earth elements, natural vital and healing energies flow through the rooms. Our guests enjoy life, they feel good, sleep well, and let go. Using fresh products from local farmers and spices from our own herb garden, we create dishes that are treats for body and soul. In the Naturellness®Area as well as during the hikes on the Lüsner Alm and in the Puez Geisler Nature Park, people linger in a time that seems to have stood still. A time that you take home with you as a long-lasting memory.

Sustainability and Economy of Common Good

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