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The SaunaPromenade at Lüsnerhof

The most authentic sauna adventure in the Alps

The SaunaPromenade of the Lüsnerhof starts at the LüsnerBadl, makes stop at the BadehausSpa, and continues at the WaldbadPromenade. It leads you through all three wellness areas of the Lüsnerhof, is characterised by the variety and originality of its saunas, and can therefore be described as sauna adventure in the Alps.


Every guest who loves to take a sauna during their holidays will remember the SaunaPromenade® at the Lüsnerhof as an unforgettable experience.

Saunas at the LüsnerBadl
Steam bath

43°C and 80% humidity

Rock crystal grotto

38°C and 55% humidity

Organic spruce sauna

60°C and 55% humidity

Finnish sauna

85% and 20% humidity

Panoramic sauna

85°C and 20% humidity
Infusions take place here.

Saunas at the BadehausSpa
Pine sauna at the Quarzit bath house

45°C and 40% humidity

Water brine sauna at the Terra bath house

38°C and 45% humidity

Saunas along the WaldbadPromenade
Creek sauna

70°C and 20% humidity
By pulling the cord the temperature is increased up to 85°C.

Infrared gondola

Relaxed sweating through infrared radiation.
Supports the treatment of back & joint problems.

Sweat Lodge Tepidarium

Light sweating on the hot stone in the cave made of wood, clay, and stone.
Regular naturellness® infusions.

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